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Fire Emblem Warriors: How to Change to Japanese Voices and Audio


Fire Emblem Warriors: How to Change to Japanese Voices and Audio

If the dub isn’t to your liking.

How to Change to Japanese Voices in Fire Emblem Warriors

While it’s not available as an option when you first boot up the game, you can download a free DLC pack for Fire Emblem Warriors that gives you the Japanese voices and audio track. To do this, simply load up the game and select the Downloadable Content option on the main menu. You’ll then be directed to the eShop where you can view the available DLC like the season pass.

The Japanese audio track is available for free and weighs in at 2.5GB, so you’ll need to make sure you have enough space for the pack before you download it. Once you’ve purchased it, simply install the DLC before booting up the game again. At the main menu, you can choose the Language Settings options and set your desired language and audio to Japanese, or whichever language you desire. You’ll have to load up your game and choose the Extras option to access your game settings and change the language from there. If you’re really not a fan of the English dub, you’ll now be able to enjoy the whole story in Japanese, though a few names might be changed around here and there.

The DLC voice pack is now available for download in the eShop.

Be sure to check back with Twinfinite for more information on Fire Emblem Warriors.

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