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Fire Emblem Warriors: How to Change Class (Promote a Unit)


Fire Emblem Warriors: How to Change Class (Promote a Unit)

How to Change Class in Fire Emblem Warriors

Although Fire Emblem Warriors is a Warriors game through and through, it still retains many of the features and elements of the Fire Emblem series. One of those is the ability to promote your units and change their class, significantly strengthening their stats and abilities. Promoting a unit to a different class works much in the same way, as you’ll first need to meet a couple of requirements.

First off, you can only promote a unit that’s reached level 15 or above in their base class, meaning they haven’t already been promoted. After that you’ll need to get a Master Seal, which you use to unlock a node on the Crest Market. There’s a couple ways to get Master Seals, both in Story Mode and History Mode. There’s a total of 25 in Fire Emblem Warriors, one for each playable character.

There are six Master Seals in total to be found in Story Mode. The first seal will be given to you automatically at the end of Chapter 5. The others can be obtained either by beating bosses or opening chests on certain maps. To open chests make sure to look for the key icon on each map, defeat the enemy holding it, then go to the chest itself and use the key. We found Master Seals in chests on both Chapter 8 and Chapter 11, and we’ll make sure to update you if we find any more. Make good use of the seals you get in the story mode of Fire Emblem Warriors, as you’ll want to change the class of characters you use often. Remember you won’t be able to get more than six until you start playing through the other mode.

You can also earn Master Seals through History Mode, usually as rewards for getting an S Rank on certain missions. You should be able to tell which missions will give you a Master Seal as a reward when you select them during the various History Mode maps.

Once you have the Master Seals simply head to your Camp and select the Crest Market option. Go to the bottom option for the Boost Crest section and look at the top node on the page, which will say Surge Crest. The only material you need to unlock this node is the Master Seal, so simply select it and your chosen unit will be promoted to a shiny new class.

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