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FIFA 18 Squad Battles: How to Get Rewards and What Time They Go Live


FIFA 18 Squad Battles: How to Get Rewards and What Time They Go Live

How to Get Rewards in FIFA 18 Squad Battles and What Time They Go Live

FIFA 18’s Ultimate Team addition, Squad Battles, is proving to be immensely popular and now that the game has released to everyone and the first week of matches has ended, fans are trying to claim their rewards.

Each week’s round of matches ends late on Sunday/early on Monday, depending on where you are in the world. The exact times are 1am GMT if you’re in the UK, 5pm PST on the West Coast of the US, and 8pm EST on the East Coast. The rewards are released as the week ends, so you do not have to wait a few days as you do for FUT Champions rewards. They may not be available immediately so expect to wait a minute or two after the specified time.

To access your rewards in FIFA 18’s Squad Battles, you first have to claim them. To do so, head to the single player tab in the Ultimate Team menu and click on Squad Battles (it should say that your rewards are ready to be claimed). You will then be notified of what you have won and any packs will be added to the store, where you will automatically be taken to open them. Simply open them, accept your rewards, and start working towards next week’s.

For more on FIFA 18 and Squad Battles, check out or wiki.

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