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The Evil Within 2: Is It Open World?


The Evil Within 2: Is It Open World?

Open enough.

Is The Evil Within 2 Open World?

While the first game was mostly a linear experience, The Evil Within 2 changes things up a bit with some open environments that you can explore at your own leisure. However, we wouldn’t really consider this an open world survival horror game as the explorable areas are actually rather small in scale, and there are only a handful of proper side missions you can tackle throughout the course of the campaign.

The first major ‘open world’ environment you can explore is the residential area, which becomes available in chapter three. This is a relatively small map with tons of houses and buildings you can enter to search for supplies, weapons, and crafting materials. However, you won’t be able to return to this area after you’ve progressed through the story past chapter five.

The business area is the second open world environment in the game, and it’s roughly the same size as the residential area, with a couple of other major side missions you can take on. Just like the residential area, there are also various buildings you can enter to trigger optional events and scavenge for resources.

Both areas give you complete freedom in terms of things to do and see, but they’re not so huge that they would completely detract from the main story. There are some events and residual memories that help to flesh out the story even more, so it’s definitely recommended that you take the time to explore when you can.

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