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The Evil Within 2: How to Get and Repair the Flamethrower


The Evil Within 2: How to Get and Repair the Flamethrower

Flame on.

Repairing the Flamethrower in The Evil Within 2

The flamethrower is one of the most powerful weapons you can get towards the end of The Evil Within 2, but you’ll need to find the parts to repair it before you can actually use it.

To get the flamethrower, you’ll simply need to progress through the story until you’re tasked with locating Hoffman and O’Neal in the Marrow. After defeating O’Neal, you’ll find the broken weapon lying next to the body, and the game will inform you that you need to repair it first.

To repair the weapon, you’ll need to find two fuel tanks. In chapter 13, simply look for the flamethrower mini bosses roaming around the business district. You’ll need to kill them in order to loot the fuel tanks of their bodies. They’re pretty tough to kill, but the sniper rifle and shotgun should make short work of them if you have the ammo. The entire business district has been restocked with supplies as well, so you can always take the time to loot the place before taking on these tough enemies.

Once you have both fuel tanks, return to Sebastian’s room and use the workbench to repair the flamethrower.

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