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The Evil Within 2: Ending Explained


The Evil Within 2: Ending Explained

Lots of twists and turns.

The final act of The Evil Within 2 presents players with quite a few revelations and interesting story twists that might be a little confusing when you’re playing through the game for the first time, so let’s break it down. Needless to say, there will be endgame spoilers, so don’t read on if you don’t want to be spoiled.


After defeating Father Theodore, Sebastian chases the white hooded figure who’s believed to be his missing wife Myra. As he chases her through the ruins of Union, we’re treated to a few resonance points that reveal what Myra’s plan was. After the death of their daughter Lily, Myra refused to believe that she had actually died in the fire. She suspected that Lily was kidnapped by Mobius, and she worked to track them down. However, Sebastian didn’t believe her, and so Myra pursued the case on her own, eventually going missing.

During this time, Myra joined up with Mobius and worked together with a few individuals to formulate a secret plan to rescue Lily and take down the whole organization. These individuals were Juli Kidman, Theodore Wallace, and Esmeralda Torres. The plan was for Myra to become the new STEM core instead of Lily, and she would be able to send a signal through the system to kill every single Mobius operative by activating the microchips that had been implanted into each operative’s brain. Myra knew that this plan would kill her as she wouldn’t be able to escape STEM since the system itself would be destroyed along with Mobius, so she told Kidman to bring Lily to Sebastian once this was all over.

Things didn’t go as planned, as Theodore betrayed the women once they entered STEM and tried to use Lily’s core power for himself. He wanted to take over Mobius and control the world. This was when STEM and Union started to fall apart, and Kidman, who had stayed outside of STEM to make sure things were okay on the outside, had to bring in Sebastian to see what was going on. Sebastian learns of this plan when he finally catches up with Myra, who was corrupted by STEM. After defeating her corrupted self, Myra instructed Sebastian to take Lily out of Union while she assumed the role of the core to destroy Mobius.

As Sebastian and Lily tried to escape Union, Kidman was facing some complications of her own in the outside world. The Administrator decided it was time to terminate Sebastian, but Kidman retaliated. She eventually manages to shoot her way into the control room where Sebastian and Lily’s bodies are, and she waits for Myra’s signal from within STEM to activate all the microchips. Kidman had removed her own chip days ago, so when Myra finally sent the signal, every Mobius operative was terminated except for her. Following the demise of Mobius, Lily and Sebastian returned safely from STEM.

After that, it’s implied that the father and daughter were able to live normal lives, while Kidman went off her on her own. However, in the epilogue, we see that a terminal in the Mobius base curiously turns on again, which suggests that STEM might not have been completely destroyed. The game ends there, leaving players to speculate exactly what that powered on terminal means.

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