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The Evil Within 2: How to Beat Laura (Spider Lady Boss)


The Evil Within 2: How to Beat Laura (Spider Lady Boss)

The creepy woman returns.

Beating Laura in The Evil Within 2

Another familiar face from the first game, Laura the creepy long-haired monster is back in The Evil Within 2. But this time, you have the chance to finish things for good. Hopefully you didn’t use up all of your ammo in the previous fight with the Keeper, but if you did, there are a couple of shock bolts lying around the arena, so pick those up as soon as the fight begins. Be careful, though; Laura has an instant kill attack, so dodge all of her grabs as you make your way around the area.

You’ll only need your trusty crossbow for this fight. Load it up with shock bolts and stun her to stop her from chasing you. There are two gas valves in the room, and your goal is to activate both of them before pulling a lever to bring down the fire on her. Stun her with a shock bolt before you go for the first valve as she moves very quickly, and she can kill you while you’re in the middle of turning the valve. Once you’ve turned both valves, lure her to the very center of the room below the fire pipes, and stun her with another shock bolt. Pull the lever to burn her, and she’ll go down quickly.

Alternatively, if you managed to repair the flamethrower before the fight, you can burn her to death and end the fight.

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