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The Evil Within 2: How to Beat the Keeper (Box Man Boss)


The Evil Within 2: How to Beat the Keeper (Box Man Boss)

The box man returns.

Beating the Keeper in The Evil Within 2

A familiar face from the original game makes an appearance in The Evil Within 2, and this time, Sebastian needs to face his fears once and for all. Before going into the final confrontation with Father Theodore, which triggers back-to-back boss fights including this one, make sure you’re fully stocked on ammo. If you’re very careful, you shouldn’t need to use any medical syringes at all, but running out of ammo can be very troublesome.

At the start of the fight, the Keeper will walk slowly towards you with the meat tenderizer before hitting you with a melee attack. This is easy to dodge; just strafe or sprint out of the way when you see him raise his arm. He also has a forward charging attack, which you can dodge easily as he only moves in a straight line. There are ammo pickups scattered around the room, so run around and grab them if you need to. Your best bet is to kite the Keeper around the room, preferably down narrow spaces so you can’t be surprised by any flanking attacks, and then hit him with all you’ve got. Shotgun blasts and sniper rifle rounds to the torso will stun him, so keep this up until he falls to the ground.

After defeating the Keeper, the fight isn’t over just yet. The Keeper will resurrect and bring with him a clone, so now you have to fight two of them. This makes things a little trickier, but try to keep both of them close to each other so you don’t have to worry about one of them sneaking up on you. Prioritize dodging their attacks before firing at them, and you should be fine.

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