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Here Are the Differences Between Fire Emblem and Hyrule Warriors


Here Are the Differences Between Fire Emblem and Hyrule Warriors

Now we have two Nintendo warriors games.


Differences Between Fire Emblem Warriors and Hyrule Warriors

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Both Hyrule Warriors and Fire Emblem Warriors adapt Nintendo’s series into the Warriors formula. As such, the two games are very similar in core gameplay but feature a number of small tweaks and changes. In this regard, however, Fire Emblem Warriors adapts much more about its series into Warriors than Hyrule Warriors did.

Hyrule Warriors featured traditional warriors gamplay, having you capture bases and take down hordes of enemies. Zelda’s inspirations creeped in with a few different ways, first of all by featuring different equipment that you could use. In addition to main attacks each character had items like bombs, the boomerang, and the hookshot that they could use in battle. These were weak but could cause various effects, like bombs staggering enemies and blowing up obstacles. Although there wasn’t any in depth puzzle solving in Hyrule Warriors, it did feature a degree of puzzles making you use your items. You can also find chests scattered around the battlefield which reward you with new weapons or Heart Containers to give you more overall health. Another big feature brought from Zelda into Hyrule Warriors was boss battles, making you face off against giant creatures in certain battles, or other elite characters. Although they still used the same core gameplay, each boss either needed to be staggered first or had a small trick to defeating it. Of course iconic moves like Link’s spin dash appeared in the game, and you could even upgrade weapons and abilities at a Skyword Sword-like bazaar.

Now with Fire Emblem Warriors, the new title adapts quite a bit from its series. Gameplay is, of course, very similar having you mow down hordes of enemies while completing objectives. This time though there’s a bit more influencing combat, like the weapon triangle. The strategic element makes its way into Fire Emblem Warriors, meaning you sword wielders will be weak to lance wielders, lances weak to axes, and axes weak to swords. These weaknesses and strengths aren’t as pronounced as in the strategy games, but still affect combat. At the same time you can issue orders to your units on the battlefield telling them who to attack or where to go, and you have the ability to use vulnaries to heal or have a staff wielder heal units.

The game also allows you to link up with another character a la Awakening and Fates, boosting their stats while unlocking new moves to use. Characters level up in battle, increasing a number of stats that make them stronger., and you can choose to see every stat boost or have it just pop up saying you leveled up. For even more Fire Emblem features you can choose to play the game in classic mode, meaning that if characters die in chapters they won’t be available for the rest of the time, even though they stick around in the story.

Of course both games also feature elements of the Warriors series, particularly the over the top special attacks. In Hyrule Warriors this is dictated by magic power to enter a Focus Spirit Mode, while Fire Emblem uses something called the Awakening Gauge to enter Awakening Mode. Both games are unique combinations of the two series, but in terms of sheer features adapted from their original series, Fire Emblem definitely has more.

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