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Destiny 2’s Trials of the Nine Events Delayed Until November

Destiny 2 trials of the nine delayed until november

Destiny 2’s Trials of the Nine Events Delayed Until November

All because people couldn’t responsibly walk like a bureaucrat.

Bungie has announced that it won’t host the remainder of October’s planned Destiny 2 Trials of the Nine events. Trials of the Nine, player-versus-player events that normally take place every weekend, will instead start up again on November 3.

“As a follow-up to reported incidents of emote glitching in the Crucible, we are investigating a fix that we plan to deploy during the first week of November,” explained Bungie. “In the meantime, the next two instances of Trials of the Nine will be postponed.”

The emote in question is the “bureaucratic walk,” which was bugging out and allowing players to clip right through walls. Bungie yanked the emote from Destiny 2’s in-game store earlier this week, but players who previously bought it are still able to use it.

While Bungie apparently has an issue with Destiny 2 players using this particular glitch to win matches, the developer seemed nonplussed by players riding another in-game glitch to victory in its game just two days ago.

Trials of the Nine became Destiny 2’s second in-game event when Bungie deployed it on September 15.


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