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Destiny 2: What Is Iron Banner


Destiny 2: What Is Iron Banner

What Is Iron Banner in Destiny 2

If you’re new to Destiny, you may be wondering why some players are really excited by a new activity in Destiny 2 called the Iron Banner. So what is the Iron Banner? Well, simply put, it’s a Crucible competition where Guardians dive into prove their mettle. It’s not dissimilar to the Trials of the Nine, in that you have one mode for the duration of the event, there are no level advantages, and it’s 4v4 (like all other PvP modes currently in Destiny 2). The main difference is that this mode isn’t as strict with the rewards.

For Iron Banner, you don’t actually have to win to earn rewards (though it will slow down your progress if you don’t win). You earn tokens simply by participating in matches, and you can turn those into Lord Saladin in exchange for Iron Banner packages (as you would with the other vendors in the game). Like Faction Rally and Trials of the Nine, the Iron Banner is a timed event in Destiny 2. The event ends on Oct. 17 at 5 AM ET. Come that time you will be unable to earn any more tokens and rewards, but don’t worry, Lord Saladin will return.

If Bungie is treating this Destiny 2 activity the same way they did in the first game, then you can expect this to be a monthly event. So if you didn’t get what you want, there’s always next time.

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