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Destiny 2 Prestige Leviathan Raid: What Changes There Are


Destiny 2 Prestige Leviathan Raid: What Changes There Are

What’s Different in the Prestige Leviathan Raid in Destiny 2

After a bit of a delay thanks to some exploits, the Prestige Leviathan Raid has finally arrived in Destiny 2. Of course, as in the past, this means that there are a few subtle changes in the various challenges put forth. For Destiny 2’s Prestige Leviathan Raid, these are as follows:

No Locked Loadouts – Many were worried, but as promised before there are no locked loadouts in the Prestige Leviathan.

Revive Tokens – Revive Tokens stay, but if you die you lose your token, cutting the amount of revives you have available.

On top of this, the Prestige Leviathan Raid also makes some changes to each of its different sections. To give you a helping hand navigating these changes, we’ve listed them all below.


For the most part, the Gauntlet’s mechanics work the same as before. Only this time, enemies are a lot tougher and the Psions spawn Projections far faster. Also, Centurions drop a lot less heavy ammo meaning you’ll need to conserve what you’ve got. Organize your Fireteam for the Gauntlet as normal, and get to work. Once your runners get through, they’ll earn a new buff called Proven Worthy. You’ll need everyone in your Fireteam to get this buff, so keep switching positions until you’ve done so. The final difference is that during the last run there are only three orbs so three people will have to skip.

Pleasure Gardens

The Pleasure Gardens were tricky enough at normal difficulty, but the Prestige Leviathan Raid puts you up against eight of those pesky dogs.

Bath Ritual

Oiled Ceremonial Bathers are your new enemy to deal with. They’re like the regular Bathers, but just a lot tougher (in the amount of damage they take and dish out).  Plus, when they die they drop an AoE pool that speeds up the degradation of your protection (five stacks per second as opposed to one). Another difference is that after each damage phase three players will get a debuff called “Burden of Worthiness” which must be removed. The three players need to look above the center plate from the center plate. Go to the one you see to remove it. Aside from this, everything else remains the same.


The final part of the Prestige Leviathan Raid in Destiny 2 is still Emperor Calus. For the most part, everything is the same except for one thing. When taking out the Psions that are called out by those in the shadow realm, the person meleeing the psion will be randomly swapped with one person in the Shadow Realm, essentially making it so everyone tries the shadow. Other than that, it’s the same routine and same damage phases.

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