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Destiny 2 Player Discovers Easy Cheat to Beat Leviathan Raid Boss


Destiny 2 Player Discovers Easy Cheat to Beat Leviathan Raid Boss

Fight Emperor Calus with no enemies.

If your Destiny 2 fireteam is having trouble with the final boss of the Leviathan Raid, Emperor Calus, one player has found an exploit that makes the battle more manageable by manipulating the game itself.

According to YouTuber theMoDfatheR gaming, there is a way to stop enemies from spawning in the throne room by having one player leave the raid at a specific time. Here’s how it works: after someone shoots Calus’ cup from his hands, five players jump up to his throne and die from his stomp, while the sixth player jumps into the giant torch and goes to the confirmation screen to change characters. Once the sixth person dies, a countdown begins to restart the battle, and another player needs to call out the countdown for the player still in the menu.

The person changing characters should confirm when the timer reaches zero, which forces the player to leave the fireteam. Invite the sixth player back after everyone respawns and, if done right, the doors underneath Calus will already be open. No enemies will spawn in the throne room, so one player can stay behind to punch scions in peace while five players can destroy skulls to rack up a huge damage multiplier in the shadow realm.

If the fireteam is geared correctly, it should only take one or two phases to defeat the boss. The only problem with the strategy is a lack of ammo if not completed in one phase. Since no enemies spawn, the only way to get more ammo is from the small amount of enemies in the shadow realm or punching scions for heavy ammo.

Still, it is a good way to cut a twenty minute fight in half. Considering the Prestige version of the raid will be unlocked next Tuesday at 10 a.m. PT, according to Bungie, this strategy is something to keep in mind unless it is patched out of Destiny 2 during the weekly maintenance on Monday.


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