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Destiny 2: How to Get Iron Banner Packages


Destiny 2: How to Get Iron Banner Packages

How to Get Iron Banner Packages in Destiny 2

While playing Destiny 2 you may have heard other Guardians mention something about Iron Banner Packages and thought to yourself “hey, I want a package.” Packages aren’t anything secret in the game, as they actually refer to the vendor rewards you get from turning in tokens. This holds true for the Iron Banner and rewards you obtain from Lord Saladin over in the Tower.

To earn Iron Banner Packages you must first unlock the activity. Don’t worry, it isn’t difficult to do, but it does require that you beat the main campaign with the character you want to use. Once you have the activity, you can participate by selecting the specific playlist in the Crucible menu (accessed from the Director). You earn tokens from winning, losing, completing challenges, and doing milestones (with winning usually giving the most of course).

Save up your tokens because you need 20 to rank up Lord Saladin. Turn them in and he’ll give you a shiny, legendary package. This can include gear, mods, or shaders for you to use and show off what you’ve done. Continue to earn tokens and turn them in while you can, though, because this is a timed event. Come Oct. 17 at 5 AM ET the Iron Banner will leave Destiny 2, presumably until November.

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