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Destiny 2: How to Get Iron Banner Gear


Destiny 2: How to Get Iron Banner Gear

How to Get Iron Banner Gear in Destiny 2

Iron Banner has changed in Destiny 2, from the amount of characters that face off, to the lack of power advantages, and even how you get rewards. In the first game, you had to earn ranks in order to gain gear, and you would get some random drops simply by playing. However, this time around in Destiny 2 you’ll have to rank up Lord Saladin the same way you would any other vendor in the game. This means earning tokens.

You can earn Destiny 2’s Iron Banner tokens in a few ways. You can win matches (of course), get two for losing (not too bad), complete challenges, and earn reputation bundles (if they’re tied to Iron Banner specifically). Once you have a bunch (takes 20 to rank up), go to Lord Saladin in the Tower and turn them in. Do note that wins (and losses) must be obtained in the Iron Banner playlist, which you must unlock. You can’t just jump into any old activity.

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