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Destiny 2 Faction Dead Orbit Wins First Faction Rally


Destiny 2 Faction Dead Orbit Wins First Faction Rally

Were you part of the winning team?

Destiny 2’s first Faction Rally has ended with the conclusion of today’s planned server maintenance, and it turns out the Dead Orbit faction has emerged victorious.

The Dead Orbit faction was part of three choices players were given to join as part of the new rallies available in-game. You could also choose from Future War Cult or New Monarchy. Guardians will gain access to a new weapon as part of the spoils of victory, which will be sold during the “Victory Week” as a special prize.

Every faction member will have a shot at purchasing the weapon, but Dead Orbit members will be able to purchase it for just 1,000 glimmer. Otherwise it will cost 50,000 glimmer for everyone else.

Now that the event has ended, you can no longer earn tokens during the Faction Rally, but aye tokens you still have can be exchanged for new goodies, just as engrams will be decrypted and placed in your inventory during the reset. If you haven’t already used your tokens, you’ll want to make sure you do by the end of Victory Week.

Congratulations, Dead Orbit players!


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