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Destiny 2: How to Dance on PC


Destiny 2: How to Dance on PC

Be social on PC.

Dancing on PC in Destiny 2

Because it’s a shared world shooter, Destiny 2 provides players with a few ways to interact with each other in a social environment. One of the most popular things to do in the game is dance. While accessing your dances and emotes is as easy as pressing a button on the d-pad on consoles, it’s a little different on PC with a keyboard and mouse.

To dance on PC, all you have to do is hit the right direction button on your keyboard. By default, this will trigger your Guardian’s character dance emote. The dances are different, depending largely on the Guardian’s race and gender. More dances and other cosmetic emotes can be unlocked by talking to Tess Everis of the Eververse store. However, you’ll need to spend some Silver to purchase specific emotes, or hope you get lucky by opening up Bright Engrams, which are awarded for every level you gain after hitting the level 20 cap.

Emotes and dances can be accessed from the character menu, within the bottom screen. They can also be stored in the vault. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to bind your emotes to the other three direction buttons.

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