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Destiny 2: How to Check Equipment on PC


Destiny 2: How to Check Equipment on PC

Adjusting to the keyboard bindings.

Checking Equipment on PC in Destiny 2

Being able to view your character and check your gear is one of the most important things you need to know how to do in Destiny 2. Now that the PC version of the game is finally out, here’s how you can do it with the keyboard controls.

For starters, you can simply push the Escape button to bring up a main menu of sorts. You can then click on the Open Character option to check out all of your currently equipped armor and weapons. The F1 button is also automatically bound to the character menu, so you can hit the F1 button and the game will take you straight there. From here, you can then use your mouse to hover over the different gear slots, change up your equipment, and dismantle the gear that you don’t need anymore, just like in the console versions of the game. Once you’re done, just hit the Escape button to get back into the action proper.

Be sure to check our wiki for more information on Destiny 2 and the PC version.

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