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Dead Rising 4 Capcom Heroes Mode Trailer Reveals Dante Costume and More

Dead Rising 4 Capcom Heroes Dante

Dead Rising 4 Capcom Heroes Mode Trailer Reveals Dante Costume and More

Pretty sure Mega Man X has cameoed in more games than he starred in at this point.

Dead Rising 4 is getting a Capcom Heroes Mode to commemorate the game’s release on PlayStation 4. Looking at the trailer, it seems to be an impressive addition to the title. Instead of being thrown in DLC cosmetics or gag items, it appears that each costume will have a unique way of playing and its own upgrade tree.

So far eight of the costumes that will be available in Dead Rising 4’s Capcom Heroes Mode have been revealed. You’ll be able to don the likeness of:

  • Street Fighter’s Cammy
  • X from Mega Man X
  • Ghost Trick’s Sissel
  • Adam “The Clown” from Dead Rising
  • MacIntyre from Dead Rising
  • Classic Frank West from Dead Rising
  • Zombie Frank from Dead Rising 2: Off the Record
  • Dante from Devil May Cry

To get each costume, you’ll have to find them in-game. There will be arcade machines, which when interacted with will bestow upon you a new Capcom Hero costume. You’ll also be able to get some of the outfits from vendors and unlock others by finding Capcom-themed collectibles and taking pictures or picking them up. There will be Hero Training missions available that will unlock upgrades for each costume, and there are even outfit variants you can collect.

Capcom Heroes mode will release alongside Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package which is the debut of the title on the PlayStation 4. The Xbox One and PC versions of the game will get an update enabling Capcom Heroes mode on the same day Frank’s Big Package releases, December 5.


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