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Bungie Is Changing Destiny 2’s Iron Banner Rewards System

destiny 2's iron banner is getting season 2 changes

Bungie Is Changing Destiny 2’s Iron Banner Rewards System

Don’t like the token system? Bungie hears you.

Having listened to player feedback about Destiny 2’s Iron Banner, developer Bungie plans to change the mode’s rewards system. A trio of Bungie team members detailed the coming changes during a TwitchCon stream in Long Beach, Calif. over the weekend.

Bungie said its fans have been telling the developer they’re not a fan of the token rewards system, which was new to Destiny 2’s version of Iron Banner. The token reputation system gives players random rewards, whereas Destiny’s system allowed players to select any specific reward they wanted.

To address this, Bungie will let players spend tokens and legendary shards on specific gear in future Iron Banner events. Additionally, players will be able to unlock armor ornaments by completing certain in-game objectives.

Bungie also announced its plans for breaking competitive Destiny 2 play into four seasons per year. The developer believes seasons give it a way to deploy changes and add new features on a predetermined schedule. Speaking of which, the Iron Banner changes will arrive alongside new perks and Bright Engram gear (Sparrows, Ghosts, emotes, exotic ships, etc.) during season 2, which actually does not yet have a start date.

Also incoming during season 2 is the holiday-themed event The Dawning. The Dawning will include wintery mini-games like ice hockey and snowball fights.

Lastly, all clan levels will reset whenever the second season begins.


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