Connect with us Is Expanding Its Feature Set to Include Additional Player Options

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News Is Expanding Its Feature Set to Include Additional Player Options

Appear offline and more. could be getting a whole slew of features if information gleaned from a recent dateline turns out to be true. The app could be implementing Offline Mode, icons, and several other augments players have been clamoring for since the dawn of time, it seems, and it would be fantastic to see them come to fruition.

There could be new Discord-esque groups for players to join, special profile avatars, and several other important additions to the app according to the dateline, with original characters and some familiar faces from games like Destiny 2. You could potentially set up an avatar for yourself to be utilized when you communicate in groups. Or you an use the Offline Mode to make sure you’re not bothered when you’re hanging out just trying to get some gaming in.

Right now there’s not a whole lot that offers beyond basic chat, and you can set your status to a few different options like Online, Away, or Busy, which don’t always communicate the extent of what you need to say to other players. With the recent introduction of the game’s mobile app, these features would be a welcome addition to in general, which thankfully is remaining as-named without any frivolous changes in the future coming down the pipeline.


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