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Batman: The Enemy Within – Episode 2 Story Summary


Batman: The Enemy Within – Episode 2 Story Summary

Part of the family.

Call Gordon or Waller

Batman: The Enemy Within – Episode 2 Story

At the start of the episode, our heroes are still coming to terms with the Riddler’s death, but there’s no time to tarry. Gordon receives a report of Riddler’s gang breaking into the GCPD arsenal, and Batman offers to stop them while the cops do the clean up work. Upon arriving at the arsenal, Batman frees a mechanic who’s being held hostage by the criminals, and he also meets Bane for the first time.

The fight against Bane and his goons goes well at first, until Bane gets extra jacked up with his venom dose. While Batman gets pinned down by him, the mechanic he saved earlier shows up to stab Bane in the back. However, it’s not enough, Batman receives a brutal beat down from Bane, and is left crushed under a ton of rubble. Players then have the choice of calling either Gordon or Waller for help. For our playthrough, we opted to go with Waller.

Batman is rescued by the Agency, but the mechanic didn’t make it out alive. Batman also speaks with one of the agents who tells him that Avesta is currently hospitalized, and he also advises him to stay on Waller’s good side for as long as possible.

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