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5 Potential Ingredients for the New TMNT Arcade Game


5 Potential Ingredients for the New TMNT Arcade Game

The arcades are about to heat up again.


If you haven’t already heard, there’s a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade game in the works based on the most recent Nickelodeon animated series. If you’re going to make a TMNT game of any kind, or any arcade beat ’em up for that matter, you need to ensure the action remains fast and frenetic. The best arcade games, the original TMNT included, keep things moving along at a brisk pace even at the early stages, especially with four players at the helm.

More importantly, you’re going to need some solid level designs, especially from the outset. Remember the very first level in TMNT arcade, running through a burning building with boulders crashing down and foot soldiers surrounding you from all sides? It’s an iconic moment that set the tone, something this new edition would do well to emulate.

Another option would be branching paths. The best kinds of arcade experiences are those that provide something different for your hard-earned dollars every time you play. Either having branching paths within levels or the option to choose which levels to play would give you a reason to come back and play more, to see all the possible places to go and maybe fight different bosses or bad guys in the process.

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