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You Can Preorder Your Copy of Okami HD Right Now


You Can Preorder Your Copy of Okami HD Right Now

Howlin’ at the moon.

Capcom finally let the cat (or would that be dog?) out of the bag with its official confirmation of Okami HD coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and though the game isn’t coming until December 12, you can actually go ahead and preorder the game on both platforms via Amazon in the US right now.

Both versions will run you $19.99, and since you’re ordering via Amazon (if you choose to, after all) your price will stay locked at $19.99 even if the price should go up by the time the game is released.

If you’ve never played Okami, you should take the time to experience it in its full HD glory, because it’s a fantastic, open-world and Zelda-like experience. If that idea doesn’t sway you, just look at the graphics! In all seriousness, it’s definitely a trip worth taking, if not to experience the paintbrush mechanics than to see a game that looks like a gorgeous painting that’s come to life.


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