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Turn off Car Wreck Replays at Will in Need for Speed Payback


Turn off Car Wreck Replays at Will in Need for Speed Payback

Get rid of the replay cam, if you choose.

The car wreck replays from Need for Speed are pretty much a part of the series, an integral piece of the experience that many look forward to. But some players are understandably concerned that the replays could interrupt the game’s flow and start to become annoying if you end up crashing a lot.

That’s why EA’s Need for Speed team has decided to offer the ability to skip said scenes. You can choose to keep the wrecks on or turn them off entirely. You’ll still have to deal with the damage incurred by wrecking, but you won’t have to watch the replays of the wreck going down. It’s painful enough as is without being bogged down because of it.

So if you’re the kind of person who likes to hold a button to skip cutscenes or opt out of these kinds of videos, you should be thrilled about Need for Speed Payback’s new feature. You’ll get to see it in action this November 2 when it launches via Origin and eearly Access, and November 7 for the Deluxe Edition. For the rest of the world, the game launches on November 10.


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