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Top 10 Games to Look Forward to This October


Top 10 Games to Look Forward to This October

This month is packed.

Forza Motorsport 7

(Xbox One, PC – Oct. 3)

October 2017 Games to Look Forward To

Kicking off October 2017 is one of Microsoft’s biggest franchises, and it’s heading to both the Xbox One and Windows 10. Forza Motorsport is one hell of a racing series, and over the years Turn 10 Studios has been refining their formula. As a result, the upcoming Forza 7 looks to be one of the best games they’ve ever put together.

If you’ve never played a Forza game, they’re solid racing experiences that lean more towards the arcade side of things which makes them very accessible. Don’t worry about them being overly easy, though, as you’ll still need to learn tracks, tune vehicles, and compete with some of the best out there. Also, thanks to Drivatars, you’ll also get the feel of playing with real players even if you’re not actually playing online. If you’re just really into cars and want a game that takes advantage of your Xbox One, look no further.

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