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Take Gaming on the Go With the Blizzard Companion App


Take Gaming on the Go With the Blizzard Companion App

Take your gaming on the go. is now even easier to access while away from home. You can access your account while on the go with the new smartphone app via Android and iOS. It’s available now, so if you’ve got some super important business to attend to when it comes to adding friends and socializing within the Blizzard social space, this should work out brilliantly.

The app lets you take the PC client along with you and lets you chat with your friends, watch what everyone’s playing, lets you utilize “Mobile Friending,” which ensures you can use QR codes to add and accept friend requests, and keep up with everything you’d see on the home app but on the go. It’s pretty snazzy.

If you were hankering for some additional support when you’re away from your PC, this app is an excellent addition to your arsenal of utilities, especially if you’re spending a lot of time with it anyway.


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