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SNES Classic Edition: Will Nintendo Restock it?


SNES Classic Edition: Will Nintendo Restock it?

Will there be a SNES Classic Edition Restock?

The SNES Classic Edition is pretty much sold out just about everywhere you look right now. Who’d have guessed, eh? While Nintendo had promised to improve the number of SNES Classic Edition’s it shipped following the low supply of the NES Classic last year, it’s still not enough to meet the massive demand. As such, many fans are hoping that Nintendo will restock the SNES Classic Edition.

There’s actually some good news on this front, too. Nintendo will restock the retro system, or at least “plants to ship the retro-inspired product into 2018.” Exactly how many units will ship during this time remains to be seen. We can only hope the restock will allow disappointed fans to get their hands on a SNES Classic Edition before shipping ceases for good. Nintendo hasn’t revealed exactly when in 2018 units will cease shipping, but the NES Classic will also return next summer, according to the same press release.

The mini version of Nintendo’s SNES released today, September 29, for $79.99 and comes with 21 pre-loaded vintage Super Nintendo games. The previously unreleased Star Fox 2 is also included on the system.

Managed to get your hands on one of the systems? Be sure to check out our ranking of all of its games, here.

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