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The Sims 4: How to Get and Play the Road to Fame Mod


The Sims 4: How to Get and Play the Road to Fame Mod

How to Get and Play the Road to Fame Mod in The Sims 4

The time has finally come for you and your Sim of choice to become the social media celebrity you always knew you were destined to be. Alas, those years of training by snapping pictures of food before you eat and turning every selfie into some sort of abstract reflective moment will finally pay off. The Road to Fame Mod is now fully available in The Sims 4.

For those who don’t know, this mod allows your Sim to utilize the powers of Simstagram (oh yes they did) to become a social media star and live the lifestyle of the rich and famous. So if you’re eager to try it out, here’s what you’ll need to do.

Of course, you should start with downloading the mod. Once you complete the download you will need to extract the .zip file and copy and paste all the Road to Fame folder contents into the Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods folder. Make sure you have mods/CC enabled in the game options before doing this. Once you do that, you’ll be all set and ready to build up your followers online. Oh the digital glory!

Here’s how to get started playing this mod.

Step 1: Create Your Soon To Be Famous Sim – You can use an existing Sim or create a new one for the sole purpose of becoming Simstagram-famous.

Step 2: Start the Road to Fame – You will actually start your journey to being an Internet celebrity by clicking on your Sim and selecting Road to Fame. Next, you will select Simstagram and then choose to Create a Simstagram Account. This will automatically give your Sim the Simstagram skill, which comes with five different levels. You will need to improve your following and climb up the ranks of fame in order to progress to each new tier.

Step 3: Mentally Prepare – From this moment forward, everything you do should be about your followers. Okay not everything, but a lot of things. You will need to keep an eye on your followers and make a pretty solid habit of doing so. You can do this by accessing the Simstagram interaction options.

At this point, you will essentially want to repeat the different Simstagram actions that are made available in each new tier. Here are the new abilities with each level within the Road to Fame mod.

Simstagram Level 2:

  • Take photos manually
  • Respond to comments
  • Earn more followers with each interaction

Simstagram Level 3:

  • Record videos using front/back phone camera
  • Take photos with other Sims
  • Earn more followers with each interaction

Simstagram Level 4:

  • Ask other Sims to take photos of you and select your type of pose
  • Use a camera on a tripod to take photos – the Camera on Tripod is an object reward that will appear in your Sim’s inventory
  • Earn even more followers with each interaction

Simstagram Level 5:

  • Post inspirational pictures
  • You guessed it, earn even more followers with each interaction


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