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Blizzard Will Host a 2017 StarCraft 2 Community Summit

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Blizzard Will Host a 2017 StarCraft 2 Community Summit

No longer in the shadows.

It has been confirmed to Twinfinite by Tim Morten, Production Director for StarCraft 2, that Blizzard will be hosting a 2017 iteration of their SC2 community summit. The SC2 community summit was first held in 2015 as an effort by Blizzard to gather prominent members of the SC2 community and hear their thoughts on the direction of the game. Blizzard Entertainment brings these community figures to their headquarters in Irvine California where they discuss the plans for the next year of SC2 game updates as well as plans for the World Championship Series (WCS) and any other esports projects that may be planned.

In the past, the community summit was kept secret, never officially confirmed by Blizzard. In its first iteration, fans realized the existence of this gathering of personalities thanks to the cancellation of weekly shows and posts on social media showing that many figures in the scene were converging on California. After so many casters, players, tournament organizers, and streamers (otherwise known as ‘influencers’) were seen tweeting pictures of meetups with other influencers, fans caught on to Blizzard’s plan.

The community summit is a concept which has proliferated throughout Blizzard’s other titles, such as Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch. It serves as a chance for Blizzard to further develop their relationship with their community and to let people voice their opinions directly to the those who oversee the creation and direction of the games these influencers love and work with. The summit is one of the unique ways that Blizzard looks to cement its place in the esports industry for years to come.

As in past events, the guest list for this SC2 community summit is unknown, and will likely remain unrevealed. Just like past years, fans will have to pay close attention on social media if they want to have a list of possible attendees. Also unknown is the date of the summit. Traditionally, Blizzard has held the SC2 summits during the summer months. With fall just around the corner, it’s unknown when this pilgrimage of SC2 influencers may be happening.

Fans should be on the lookout in the coming weeks (or maybe months) if they want to learn who may be attending the 2017 SC2 community summit, as well as any news that might be revealed as a result of the gathering.

This post was originally authored by Padraic Murphy.

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