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10 Overlooked 2017 Games You Need to Catch Up On Before the Fall Rush


10 Overlooked 2017 Games You Need to Catch Up On Before the Fall Rush

Don’t let these slip away.

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Night in the Woods

night in the woods, indie, february, 2017

Coming of age stories aren’t anything new to video games, but few games manage to tackle the subject as well as Night in the Woods. The game focuses on Mae, an only child that’s returned to her childhood home of Possum Springs. After moving into her parent’s attic she finds out a dark secret in the nearby woods, that leads to revelations about what the town has been hiding for decades.

Night in the Woods is a narrative focused game, letting you control Mae as she explores Possum Springs, talks to its inhabitants, finds clues for the mystery, and interacts with objects. It’s a simple game to play, but is layered with complexity in terms of storytelling and player choice. There’s some truly emotional stuff packed into the game, and at its core it’s an experience about finding your place in the world, figuring out what you can control in your life and what you can’t. Despite playing as anthropomorphic animals, it’s a game that’s surprisingly human in what it makes you think about and feel, and it’s one indie game you can’t afford to miss this year.

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