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October 2017 PS Plus Free Games Predictions


October 2017 PS Plus Free Games Predictions

A few likely contenders.



[UPDATE: The official PS+ Free Games for October have been revealed.]

Every month Sony releases a few free games for those who subscribe to its PlayStation Plus membership, while also granting discounts on certain games and the ability to play online with friends. In August, these free games included Just Cause 3, Assassin’s Creed: Freedom Cry, Super Motherload, Snakeball, Downwell, and Level 22. You can check out the free games for this month of September here, which went live on Sept. 6.

Every month there is usually one larger game headlining the free titles to encourage other PlayStation and Vita users to subscribe to the program. Although we don’t know the official choices for October 2017 yet, we can take a stab at guessing which games Sony will end up choosing.

For October 2017, we suspect racing game Dirt Rally will be the headliner for a few different reasons. Firstly, the game is currently heavily discounted at 60% with an additional 10% for PS Plus users. It released back in December 2015, so it has likely run its course on being profitable on the PS Store at full price. Secondly, as of February 2017 the game was also made available on PSVR for a more immersive driving experience. Since a newer version of the game has been released for a Sony specific platform, and the original is heavily discounted, it seems pretty likely the PS4 version of Dirt Rally will make its way to the PS Plus free games list soon, if not in October specifically.

Check out the next games where we look at the independently made games are likely to make the PS Plus list.

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