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Nintendo Switch Online App Update 1.1 Makes Significant Changes

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Nintendo Switch Online App Update 1.1 Makes Significant Changes

You can finally continue to chat while your phone is in sleep mode

The Nintendo Switch Online app, the smart phone app responsible for allowing voice chat on Switch, just received two very significant changes.

Players will now be able to continue use voice chat when their phones enter sleep mode, as well as while they use other apps. Of all the issues gamers had with the Nintendo Switch Online app, those two design flaws were perhaps the most common. Additionally, the official update notes mention improved Bluetooth support for Android devices.

Two exceptions remain, however. First, voice chat will still shut down when using another app that requires the use of a microphone. Second, Android users using version 6.0 or later may still lose voice chat when their device enters sleep mode if power-saving mode is on.

While these changes may not make Nintendo’s unnecessarily complicated solution to voice chat a fan favorite, they do show that Nintendo is listening to the calls of Switch users for a better online experience. With a big Nintendo Direct coming Wednesday afternoon, perhaps we’ll hear a little more about what the company has planned for the Switch’s online infrastructure.

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