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1980s Nintendo Arcade Titles Headed to Switch on Sept. 27

Nintendo Arcade

1980s Nintendo Arcade Titles Headed to Switch on Sept. 27

Ancient history revived

Nintendo arcade titles from the 1980s are coming to Switch, starting with Mario Bros. on September 27th.

Mario Bros. won’t be alone, as other titles including VS. Super Mario Brothers, VS.. Balloon Fight, VS. Ice Climbers, VS. Clu Clu Land, and Punch Out!! are coming as well. Without going into details, Nintendo also confirmed that the games will have a few minor tweaks from their NES versions. While only Mario Bros was given a release date, these future titles are coming soon.

The Nintendo Direct made no mention of a traditional eShop either, so for now these retro arcade titles will be the only first party throwbacks available on the Switch.


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