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4 New Things We Learned While Hands-on with South Park: The Fractured But Whole


4 New Things We Learned While Hands-on with South Park: The Fractured But Whole

Bigger and better.

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Seamless Loot System and World

Twinfinite got some hands on time recently with South Park: The Fractured But Whole, where we got to see a few big changes featured in the upcoming RPG. These range from things that just make the game as a whole flow better, to some complete gameplay overhauls.  Here’s what you can expect.

One of the big focuses for The Fractured But Whole was to make everything seamless in the world. This happens in a few different ways with reduced load times, battles that now take place in the actual world, automatic loot pickup, and the ability to bring up your map at any time. Talking to the game’s director, Jason Schroeder, he said part of the focus for the new battle system was making sure that players had the ability to still move around, and not have their movement restricted by entering battle, which led to a tactical system that seamlessly plays in and out of the world.

It may be a small change, but is one of the most welcome updates with how you pick up loot in the world of South Park. With Stick of Truth, each time you opened a cabinet or bag you’d be given a brief menu where you could select what you want to pick up. It certainly wasn’t terrible but became cumbersome with the sheer amount of stuff you could pick up in the game. Now however, any loot you find in objects you open is automatically added to your inventory, not taking you out of the game at all. You still get to see what each item is, which is great as oftentimes they’re pretty hilarious things, but this change now makes exploration much quicker than before. Since you’ll need lots of these items for the new crafting system, this is a hugely welcome change.

The best addition in this regard, however, comes with a minimap that you can bring up at any time. The streets of South Park can get a bit confusing at times, and playing through The Stick of Truth I really wanted a map that I could bring up without going into the menu. Luckily, the developers have done just that, as you can hit a button to instantly bring up an overlay of a detailed map of the town. The map even shows your objectives and places of interest, and of course going into the menu gives you even more detail showing different shops and everything. All of these changes help make The Fractured But Whole feel much smoother than its predecessor.

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