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New NBA 2K18 Update Finally Lets You See Player Stats While Upgrading

NBA 2K18

New NBA 2K18 Update Finally Lets You See Player Stats While Upgrading

Spend your in-game money wisely!

The third NBA 2K18 update recently went live on PS4, adding a much-needed quality of life improvement to MyCareer and important bug fixes across several game modes. The update is now live on the PS4, weighing around 4GB. The patch will be available later this day on the Xbox one, while the PC and Switch will receive the update “soon.”

One of the biggest improvements in the update includes letting you see all your player’s individual attributes and values when upgrading your MyCareer character. Before the patch, you could only see the general attributes and your overall rating when upgrading your character, making it difficult to see how each upgrade accordingly affects your stats. With the update, you can now build the player you really want with your hard-earned Virtual Currency (VC).

Two other fixes have also been made for MyCareer, specifically, fixing a bug that displays negative badge progression and a Switch-specific improvement that enhances the frame-rate and audio syncing. Frame-rate in the Playground has also been improved on all platforms, hence, it should now be easier to time your shots correctly.

The NBA 2K18 patch also touches face scanning, MYTeam, MyLeague/MyGM, and regular NBA matches. Below are the full patch notes for NBA 2K18 update 1.03:

  • Fixed a case where game framerate would drop for the remainder of the game following a called timeout.
  • Users are now able to view the individual attributes and their values when upgrading their players in MyCAREER.
  • Gray indicators have been added underneath the feet of your teammates in the Playground; it is now much quicker and easier to discern your teammates from your opponents.
  • Global settings/options will no longer reset to default after entering a MyTEAM game.
  • Users will no longer lose their facial hair when re-scanning their face.
  • Addressed a case where Draft-and-Stash players in MyLEAGUE/MyGM would be signed to a $0 contract, while simultaneously being duplicated in the upcoming rookie draft (new save required).
  • Generated prospects in future seasons of MyLEAGUE/MyGM will now always have heights appropriate for their position (new save required).
  • Free agents 32 years or older will no longer pass up big money offers to sign for the MLE in MyGM/MyLEAGUE.
  • Users will no longer display negative badge progress following an exceptional performance in MyCAREER. For those currently experiencing this, continue playing and your tally will be incremented towards your next bonus.
  • Fixed a hang that could occur when the user was scrolling down the list of available shirts in the T-Shirt Kiosk.
  • Improved framerate in the court area of the Playground when games are being played on most/all of the courts.
  • Addressed a hang that could occur when bringing up the squad menu in a completely full Neighborhood.
  • Fixed a soft hang in Live Practice where the ball would not get picked up when using the ball machine.
  • Fixed an issue where the camera would always point to the middle of the court if the user had the Auto Flip option enabled while in the broadcast camera(s).
  • (Switch) Improved framerate/audio syncing during tunnel/locker room scenes in MyCAREER.
  • (Switch) Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented Local Play from commencing when there were four participants.
  • NOTE: All patch fixes will work in your existing game mode saves unless noted otherwise.

Sadly, plenty of other highly requested features, such as skipping cutscenes and a shot meter display for shooting layups, are not yet available. Hopefully, developer Visual Concepts will continue listening to fans to address concerns.

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