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NBA 2K18: The Best Jump Shots for Your MyPlayer


NBA 2K18: The Best Jump Shots for Your MyPlayer

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The Best Jump Shots for Your MyPlayer in NBA 2K18

Not all jump shots are easy to use in NBA 2K18. Some don’t have a smooth enough motion to help you accurately judge the proper shot release timing. Others make your player jump longer in the air, making you vulnerable for a block. Luckily, there are a few jump shots that are pretty easy to use.

Before proceeding, it’s worth knowing that there’s no such thing as a best jump shot animation that will guarantee you a perfect shot release. The easiest jump shot to time will vary from player to player. However, shot animations where the optimal timing happens at the peak of a jump elevation are generally the easier ones to pull off. Additionally, compared to NBA 2K17, landing perfect jump shots in NBA 2K18 can feel more challenging for some due to the game’s shorter shot meter. Basically, NBA 2K18’s short shot meter makes it difficult to spot the margin of error and the optimal shot release timing. Due to this, it’s better to rely on your shot animation instead of the shot meter.

First off, Lonzo Ball’s jump-shot style is definitely one of the easiest jump shots to pull off a perfect release timing. There’s not much unnecessary flashiness in Lonzo’s jump shot animation to confuse you from getting the right timing. Another great jump shot is James Harden’s, which has a silky smooth jumping animation.

NBA 2K18 also allows you to customize your own jump shot once your MyPlayer reaches an overall rating of 75. With the jump shot customization unlocked, you can accordingly adjust the shot release speed timing to your liking. Best of all, you can also blend two jump shot animations to truly create your own unique signature jumper. Simply test the jump shots that appeal to you and try to tweak it with the jump shot customization.

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