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NBA 2K18: 5 Worst All-Time Team Rosters and Players


NBA 2K18: 5 Worst All-Time Team Rosters and Players

All these teams are “good” but these are the worst of the best.

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Los Angeles Clippers

NBA 2K18: Worst All-Time Team Rosters and Players

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Los Angeles Clippers make it onto this list considering we’re pretty much living through the Clippers’ golden era right now. Or at least we were until they shipped Chris Paul out. Even still, the Clippers are in a lot better shape than they were for the vast majority of their life in the NBA. Your essentially playing with the best most competitive version of the Clippers right before Golden State took over plus a few all-stars from the team’s history.

Chris Paul – 92
Corey Maggette – 86
Bob McAdoo – 94
Blake Griffin – 90
DeAndre Jordan – 87
World B. Free – 88
Ron Harper – 87
Danny Manning – 86
Bill Walton – 84
Eric Gordon – 84
J.J. Reddick – 83
Eric Bledsoe – 82
Quentin Richardson – 82
Jamal Crawford – 82
Darius Miles – 80

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