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5 More Sega Properties That Should be Thrust Back Into the Limelight


5 More Sega Properties That Should be Thrust Back Into the Limelight

They’ve been gone too long.


For a while it seemed like Nights might become another flagship mascot for SEGA, thanks in no small part to the original game, Nights: Into Dreams, being developed by Sonic Team. The first game in the series released on Sega Saturn in 1996, and introduced a new character known as Nights, an inhabitant of a dream world known as Nightmaren, where all human dreams play out alongside a second world known as Nightopia. The game utilized flying mechanics, technically playing out on a 2D plane with a gorgeous 3D presentation.

Unfortunately, the only other Nights game we ever got was on the Wii, with Nights: Journey of Dreams. The Wii game just wasn’t received as well as the original which is now a classic, mostly due to a poor control scheme and questionable gameplay. Still, now would be the perfect time for Nights to make a comeback, and there’s really no better place for it than the Nintendo Switch. A full blown 3D Nights game could bring another character platformer title into the mix, a genre that’s been seeing a recent surge lately. Of course, Nights is all about flying, but there’re plenty of games that SEGA could take a cue from in that regard, such as The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword or even Gravity Rush. Another route for SEGA to go would be to create something like Sonic Mania, incorporating indie developers to make a small new title that matches the style of the original. Nights is still one of the more unique characters Sega has in their repertoire and it’d be a shame to see him fade into obscurity, especially with such a great original title.

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