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Minecraft Is Coming to Nintendo 3DS, and It’ll Be Available Today

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Minecraft Is Coming to Nintendo 3DS, and It’ll Be Available Today

Now Minecraft really is on everything.

The gargantuan hit Minecraft is coming to just about the only system that doesn’t have it already, Nintendo 3DS. In a surprise announcement during their Nintendo Direct, the company announced that the game would be coming to 3DS not soon, but actually today just after the show. We’ll make sure to update you as more info becomes available on exactly when the game will be ready for download.

Minecraft: New Nintendo 3DS version is titled as such because it only works on the New Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 2DS models. Unfortunately, it looks like the older versions of the hardware just aren’t powerful enough to run the game. You’ll have access to both Creative and Survival modes in this version, along with some special content packs. At the same time you can also choose between standard controls, or a new touch screen control option.

As stated earlier you’ll be able to download the game later today, however, a physical version will be releasing at some unspecified point in the future if you prefer to get it that way.


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