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Minecraft Has Released Its Massive Better Together Update

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Minecraft Has Released Its Massive Better Together Update

So many new features too!

It’s here! The bigger, badder, Better Together update for Minecraft that is. Released today, players on Xbox, Windows, mobile, and VR can now play with one another across the different platforms. But being able to play together is not the only thing this latest patch brings. It has a number of features that are brand new to the game.

Users can now access a boat-load of stuff created by the talented Minecraft community through the Marketplace. Realms are more accessible as you now have the option to play in your world on any of your devices (that have this update of course). You can also share you Realms thanks to invite links, though currently this feature does not work on the Xbox version and will soon enough.

There are also bug fixes, as with most major updates to any game, a long list of tweaks to the game, but the most bullet points are the new features being added into the game:

  • Stained Glass
  • Fireworks (with Elytra boost!)
  • Parrots
  • Banners
  • Armor Stands
  • Jukebox and music discs
  • Recipe Book
  • Book & Quill
  • Ravines
  • Coarse Dirt
  • New world start options: Starting Map; Bonus Chest; Trust Players
  • New game rules: Show Coordinates; TNT Explodes; Natural Regeneration
  • Added ‘/tickingarea’ command to create areas that still update when no players are there
  • Player permissions
  • Zombie Villager spawn egg
  • In-game host options
  • Paper doll viewer
  • Outline selection toggle
  • In-game player names toggle
  • HUD opacity toggle
  • Expanded Xbox Live multiplayer world settings
  • New loading screens with funny and helpful tips
  • How to Play screen
  • Remix 3D export functionality (Windows 10 only)
  • New achievements
  • Server Partners
  • Realms invite links
  • Mash-up Packs and Texture Packs will now decorate the main menu and in-game HUD

And if you own a Switch and are waiting to get in on this action, you can’t access this update yet. The team believes it will be ready and made available to Nintendo gamers during the course of this Winter.

So a quick recap. This update unlocks crossplay for multiple platforms, adds a lot of new features and tweaks, introduces the Marketplace, and allows you and your friends to access each other’s Realms from any of your devices. Not too shabby.

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