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Metroid Samus Returns: How to Get Past Red Spikes


Metroid Samus Returns: How to Get Past Red Spikes

How to Get Past Red Spikes in Metroid: Samus Returns

Metroid: Samus return has plenty of new puzzles for you to solve, along with new abilities to solve them with. During your time with Samus Returns, you’ll no doubt notice red spikes, or crystals, littered around the world of SR388. You’ll run into these obstacles quite often in Samus Returns, and the unfortunate news is there’s absolutely no way to break them. This means that you’ll have to find another way around, which in many cases means you’ll have to come back later with a different ability to grab the item hidden behind the red spikes.

This can often be something like the Space Jump or Screw Attack which let you maneuver around the red spikes, or you can use the scan ability to check if there are any breakable blocks in the nearby area that’ll let you get around them. There is one trick in particular, however, that’s good for you to know. There are a few areas in Samus Returns where you’ll spot a corridor with red spikes lining the roof and floor, with only a small area in between. For these instances, you’ll have to have the Power Bomb. What you need to do is find a nearby wall that you can position yourself on, straight on with the gap between the red spikes. Use the Spider Ball to crawl up the wall to the exact spot and then place a Power Bomb under you. Once the bomb explodes you’ll be sent flying through the opening between the spikes and to the other side.

Of course, you won’t get access to Power Bombs until late in Samus Returns, so you’ll need to come back to these puzzles later.

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Metroid: Samus Returns is a full-blown remake of Metroid II on the original Game Boy. While the story stays largely the same the game sports a brand new 2.5D graphical style, along with a number of gameplay enhancements.

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