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Metroid Samus Returns: How to Beat the Diggernaut (Robot Boss)


Metroid Samus Returns: How to Beat the Diggernaut (Robot Boss)

How to Beat the Diggernaut (Robot Boss) in Metroid: Samus Returns

Although Metroids themselves are most of the bosses you’ll be facing in Metroid: Samus Returns, there’s a few other creatures you’ll encounter along the way. One of the most fearsome enemies in the game is the Diggernaut, a brand new robotic enemy that you’ll encounter twice in the game, and perhaps the hardest boss in all of Samus Returns.

The first time you see the Diggernaut in Samus Returns you won’t be able to do anything but run from it, but the second time in Area 7 you’ll face it down in a difficult battle. Like many boss battles in Samus Returns, the Diggernaut has three distinct phases to his fight, and we’ll help you figure out how to approach each one. First off, make sure to save your Aieon gauge until the third phase, as you’re going to need it for Lightning Armor at that point.

The battle will start with the Diggernaut using its two drills to attack you, first with sweeping attacks. Whichever side the boss moves its arms to, go to the other side. You’ll need to time your jump so you can get through the gap between the two drills, and do this a few times until the boss raises up its drills. When you see this, run to one of the sides of the arena and use your space jump to go into the top corner and avoid the drills. Now the robot boss will move its head forward and activate a laser beam from its eye that rotates around. It should be noted that this is the only time you can damage the boss, so don’t bother firing missiles unless its using its laser. Pound the Diggernaut’s head with missiles while you have room on the ground until the laser gets to you, then space jump around the head as the laser moves until you can land on the ground and keep firing missiles. You may have to go through these phases a couple times, but eventually you’ll damage the boss enough that it’ll stagger and land on its two drills on the arena.

Now you need to morph ball over to one of the drills and use your spider ball to climb up it. You’ll notice three sections rotating around on the drill, and a platform on each. Wait until the platforms are lined up then roll to the top of the drill, and drop into the slot with a pink light. Lay a bomb and you’ll destroy the boss’ drill and start the next phase.

Now the boss has an attack where it’ll shake the ceiling and drop pink orbs. You can shoot these pink orbs to get health recovery and missiles, but make sure to stay on the move as the boss will target you with its laser. The boss may use some of its earlier attacks, but another new one sees its chest open to start sucking in everything on the arena. When this attack starts just morph ball and stick yourself into the ground by using the spider ball. Follow the beam of air around the arena and drop bombs into it, causing the Diggernaut to suck them up and get damaged, the only other way to do so besides hitting it with missiles. It’ll use the same laser attack as before, except this time there’s three lasers giving you less time to fire missiles. Just use the same idea as before on this part.

Once you’ve damaged it enough again it’ll stagger and drop its drills. You’ll need to spider ball up them again, except this time it’s trickier as each section will rotate independently and not line up. Basically do it one by one, so once the platform on the first section turns to you roll up it, then immediately onto the second when it appears, and immediately onto the third. Then wait for them to line up, drop in and set a bomb. Now you’re on the third and final phase of this difficult Samus Returns boss.

Here the Diggernaut has two special attacks. It’ll fire walls of lasers that you need to avoid three times as they pass. The first time space jump all the way up and over. The second you can jump through the gap, and the third you should be able to clear all the lasers with a high jump. The Diggernaut also uses a devastating three part attack where it slams its drills. It’ll start in the center so run to the side and jump over the shockwave the first two times, then run to the center of the arena for the third time when it slams its drills on the sides. Now you need to wait for the attack where it sucks things up, and drop more bombs to stagger it. For the final time the boss’ head will be exposed with a rotating spinner, and three electricity channels.

You need to use your spider ball and jump onto the spinner then onto one of the glowing nodes. As long as you’re on the node the electricity that runs through the head won’t hurt you, but it can be tricky to land so this is where you’ll want to use your Lightning Shield to protect from damage. Once the node you’re on has connected to the center, drop a bomb and blow it up. You need to blow up all three, so you’ll probably have to stagger the Diggernaut more than once to do so. Whew, once you’ve done all that you’ve finally taken down that annoying robot boss, and can move towards the end of Samus Returns, also unlocking the Power Bomb in the process.

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