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Metroid Samus Returns: How to Beat the Final Boss (Proteus Ridley)


Metroid Samus Returns: How to Beat the Final Boss (Proteus Ridley)

How to Beat the Final Boss in Metroid: Samus Returns

Metroid: Samus Returns has plenty of dangerous bosses for you to battle, most of which are actually mutated Metroids. However, there’s no bigger challenge for Samus than what awaits her at the end of the game, her arch-nemesis Ridley. To be more specific this is Proteus Ridley, a version of the giant creature clad with armor that’s here to take Samus down. This fight, like many others in Samus Returns, comes in three phases. All of the phases are fairly similar with just some variation on Ridley’s moves, so it’s mostly a matter of learning how to deal with each move and staying on your toes. We’ll help you figure out how to get through each of the phases for the final boss and take down that pesky purple pterodactyl.

First off you need to save the Baby Metroid from Ridley’s grasp. It should be noted that after the first two phases, all of Samus’s Aeion power will be restored, so make sure you use it in the battle by either protecting yourself with the shield or by causing some massive damage with rapid fire. Throughout the whole battle there are two ways to damage Ridley, with your regular beam attack or with Super Missiles. Like the Metroid bosses, the final boss will change color as Ridley gets more damaged, going from purple to a dark red once you’ve almost staggered him.

For this first part, the boss only has three attacks. When his mouth glows he’ll shoot out purple fireballs in the line, so simply run back and go between them, When you see his tail move he’ll stab it underneath him at Samus, so you’ll want to either jump or run away from him to avoid it. Finally you’ll see Ridley linger in the air and start stomping downward, so you need to run out from underneath him so he doesn’t land on you. Just keep blasting Ridley with your laser and avoiding his attacks, until you’ve staggered him and he releases the Metroid.

Now after a short scene you move onto the second phase, this time with Ridley on the ground. He has similar attacks here, first with him shooting out a purple projectile. Just make sure to jump over it any time he fires, and keep blasting away. He’ll also walk up to you and swipe with his claws so run the other way, or space jump over him if you’re pinned against the wall. If you’re in the air for too long, Ridley may take off, switching to his aerial attacks again.

After some help from the Baby Metroid, the third phase of the final boss will start. Now he’ll use all the same attacks as before, with a few new ones. When he’s on the ground and his hand glows white, Ridley will use a strong swipe attack that you need to be a decent ways from him to avoid. When in the air he has two new attacks. If he breathes fire straight down, it’s an attack that’ll cover the ground in flames, so jump to avoid them. If he lowers his shoulder and prepares to charge, do everything you can to avoid the attack, space jump over and around him. If his charge connects, it’s a devastating attack that crushes Samus into the wall, and can easily take away three energy tanks at once. Finally watch out for that glint on Ridley’s tail and feet, as it’s an opportunity that can be countered to cause big damage to the boss. Just keep blasting with your beam and Super Missiles, and you’ll eventually be able to bring the final boss down. Congratulations, you’ve now beaten Samus Returns.

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