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Grab This Metal Gear Solid Figure Before It Sneaks Away


Grab This Metal Gear Solid Figure Before It Sneaks Away

Do you remember the basics of CQC?

If you’re a huge Metal Gear Solid fan and your wallet isn’t totally torn to pieces from the massive amount of game releases that are coming in the next few months, you might consider picking up this gorgeous new action figure that’s on the horizon. First4Figures’ latest creation is pretty awesome, even if you’re not a Metal Gear fan.

First4Figures routinely creates some very impressive figures and replicas, even if they are a little pricey. The brand’s latest creation is a tribute to Metal Gear Solid’s coolest character, Solid Snake himself. If you think it’s something you need to add to your collection, there’s a preorder opportunity right now, but it’s only going to be open until September 15. Yes, two days away from this article’s initial posting.

If you want to pick it up, there are four different versions of the statue, including a regular version, night-vision goggles, or two different stealth camo versions in clear or green.

Now, these are some very, very expensive figures, ranging from $524 all the way up to $1,399. If you’ve got a bunch of money burning a hole in your pocket and really want to spend it on something you can’t really play with, these Solid Snake statues are for the hardcore fans out there.


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