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Marvel vs Capcom Infinite: How to Get More Costumes


Marvel vs Capcom Infinite: How to Get More Costumes

How to Get More Costumes in Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite

Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite will start you out with a collection of 30 characters, each with two alternative colors you can use in the game. If you don’t like either of the color options available for your favorite character, however, you can actually unlock two more costumes for them. Each of Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite’s 30 characters have four alternative colors or costumes but you will have to put in a bit of work if you want the third and fourth options.

If you’re worried that this means you’ll have to jump through hoops and spend half your time just trying to figure out how to get the alternative skins nonetheless actually trying to achieve that goal, you’re in luck. Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite makes getting more costumes a pretty simple task. If you want to unlock the third costume for your favorite character, you will need to take them to Arcade Mode. Once you complete Arcade Mode with that character, you will automatically be rewarded with their third skin.

Hopefully you enjoy your journey through Arcade Mode because if you want your character’s fourth costume, you’ll have to go back and do it all again. Completing Arcade Mode with a character for a second time will give you access to another color option or costume. Keep in mind, however, that you will only unlock the new color options for the specific character you completed Arcade Mode with.

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