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Marvel vs Capcom Infinite: How to Get Evil Ryu


Marvel vs Capcom Infinite: How to Get Evil Ryu

How to Get Evil Ryu in Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite

Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite’s base roster includes one of Street Fighter’s most iconic characters — Ryu. This comes as no surprise but you may have found yourself queuing up online matches and running across a different form of this familiar character. Evil Ryu is not on Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite’s initial roster of characters but since the game doesn’t have a collection of unlockable characters you may be wondering how other players are getting their hands on him.

There are actually multiple ways you might come across Evil Ryu in Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite but first it’s important to realize that this “new character” is actually just an alternative skin. Players who pre-ordered the game were given the Evil Ryu skin as a bonus but he will still play the same as any other Ryu you run into. He will just look a whole lot cooler. Unfortunately, if you haven’t snagged him up yet, you may have missed your chance. It isn’t clear if Evil Ryu will be available later as part of another DLC bundle but for now only players who placed a pre-order for the game have access to this alternative skin.

But that’s not the end of your chances to see Evil Ryu battle it out in the game. There is another way to kind of sort of get him. It turns out that Ryu’s level 3 hyper combo will cause him to temporarily transform into his evil form if the combo is activated when he has low health. The exact percentage his health has to be at is unclear for now but you won’t see Evil Ryu popping up when a player’s health bar is plentiful.

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