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Knack 2: How to Save


Knack 2: How to Save

How to Save in Knack 2

Knack 2 brings the colorful character back again, with a sequel to the PlayStation 4 launch title. Much of the game is the same as the first game albeit with some improvements. This includes the way you save your game. Luckily, it’s incredibly easy to save, requiring pretty much no effort on your part.

Knack 2 features a liberal autosave and checkpoint system. This means that your progress saves after virtually every combat encounter or platforming segment. It’s not very noticeable when the game does this, however. Just keep an eye on the bottom right of your screen, where periodically you’ll see a small transparent circle spinning. This means that the game has autosaved your progress, and will let you pick up right from where you left off if you quit to the main menu. The good news is, if you die in combat or fall of a ledge you should be pretty close to where you stopped, as Knack 2 is pretty forgiving in its checkpoint system. Don’t worry about losing too much progress if you need to quit the game.

More About Knack 2

Knack 2 is the sequel to the PS4 launch title created by Mark Cerny, of Crash Bandicoot and Spyro fame. In addition to a brand new story, the game features a number of improvements with upgraded combat, a new graphical engine, and expanded co-op features.

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