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Knack 2: How to Get All Trophies


Knack 2: How to Get All Trophies

How to Get All Trophies in Knack 2

The sequel to the PS4 launch title Knack is finally here with Knack 2, casting players back into the role of the strange size-shifting hero. Mark Cerny and his team at Japan Studio have taken great measures to improve upon nearly every aspect of the original game, from an improved combat system with upgrades, to a much more liberal checkpoint system. There are 43 trophies to get in total in Knack 2, most of which aren’t too hard to obtain. It may take you a while, but you’re sure to get a decent addition to your trophy count just by playing through the 10 or so hour story of Knack 2. We’ll help you figure out how to get them all below.

Please be aware that while we won’t spoil anything explicitly, the name of some trophy titles will by their nature be spoilers. Just be aware that some things may get spoiled if you choose to read ahead.

  • Knack: The Ultimate Invention (Platinum) – Acquired all trophies
  • Rothari Badge (Bronze) – Defeated Rothari – Story related, cannot miss
  • Gundahar Badge (Bronze) – Story related, cannot miss
  • Xander Badge (Bronze) – Story related, cannot miss
  • Titanic Triumph (Silver) – Story related, cannot miss
  • Artifact Boss Badge (Bronze) – Story related, cannot miss
  • Heavy Punch Certificate (Bronze) – Story related, cannot miss
  • Hook Shot Certificate (Bronze) – Story related, cannot miss
  • Boomerang Certificate (Bronze) – Story related, cannot miss
  • Ultimate Move Certificate (Silver) – Story related, cannot miss
  • Big Hitter (Bronze) – Defeated 300 enemies using punches – This should be easy to get, and you should unlock it automatically later in the game as you fight more enemies.
  • King of Kicking (Bronze) – Defeated 300 enemies using kicks – Same as the last, you should get this automatically as you fight enough enemies.
  • Tricky Customer (Bronze) – Defeated 50 immobilized enemies – Late in the game you unlock the Boomerang ability that’s used by holding down triangle. Hit enemies and stun them, then defeat them to work toward this trophy.
  • Jumping Knack Flash (Bronze) – Defeated 100 enemies using Jump Kicks – One of the upgrades you can unlock early on lets you learn a jump kick that lifts enemies up. Simply defeat 100 enemies with it.
  • Marathon Runner (Bronze) – Ran 26.2 miles – Once again this is a trophy you should unlock eventually as you play more.
  • Treasure Hunter (Bronze) – Found 30 chests containing relic energy – This is a fairly simple one, just keep an eye out for glowing blue chests tucked away in corners and alcoves. Attack them to open the chests and get experience.
  • Blockbuster (Bronze) – Broke the blocks of 50 enemies – One of the moves Ava gives you is the heavy punch, which breaks through enemies’ blocks. You just need to do this 50 times.
  • Pro Parrier (Bronze) – Defeated 50 enemies using parries – If you hit the guard button on L1 just as a projectile hits you, you can parry it back at an enemy and damage them. Defeat 5o enemies this way.
  • Goblin Gobbler (Silver) – Defeated 500 goblin enemies – You should be able to get this in one playthrough, but if you need to you can play through again to kill enough goblins.
  • Robot Wrecker (Silver) – Defeated 700 robot enemies – Like the previous trophy you should be able to get this one automatically by playing through once.
  • Nose for Treasure (Bronze) – Found 10 treasure chests – Treasure chests are hidden all over the world of Knack 2, and they always require you to turn into small Knack to travel down a passageway. After a while you should get the hang of looking out for them.
  • The Doctor’s Apprentice (Bronze) – Completed your first gadget – Gadget parts are found in the hidden treasure chests, but you’ll have a choice of what to get out of each chest. Focus on getting different gadget parts unless you find a double, then select a different option.
  • Crystal Relic Collector (Bronze) – Acquired your first Crystal Relic – Crystal Relics are another item you can find in treasure chests, along with gadget parts.
  • All-New Powers (Bronze) – Unlocked your first Crystal Knack – Crystal Knacks are unlocked by finding the required amount of Crystal Relics in treasure chests, usually 15-20. It’s best to focus on one kind of Crystal Relic when you open chests to help you unlock a Crystal Knack faster, before you start getting another kind.
  • Gadget Boy (Bronze) – Acquired your first gadget part – Same as the above, just find one part in a treasure chest.
  • The Challenges Begin (Bronze) – Acquired your fist Knack medal – You can acquire Knack medals for each chapter in the story by fulfilling different objectives. You’ll most likely get one automatically, but you can go to the world map on the main menu and replay chapters, allowing you to see the various medals.
  • Onwards and Upwards (Bronze) – Performed your first Knack upgrade – The game will give you this one by teaching you how to choose upgrades when you’ve leveled up.
  • Combo King (Bronze) – Equipped a combo meter and landed a 100-hit combo – The combo meter is one of the gadgets you can build from parts found in treasure chests. Once you’ve got one this is probably most easily done in the time challenge after you beat the game, although you could get this trophy in the story as well.
  • Sunstone Stunner (Bronze) – Stunned enemies 50 times with sunstone bombs – The Sunstone Bomb is another gadget you can get from treasure chests, and it will make Sunstones explode when you break them. This one is pretty easy to get after that, just break the stones when enemies are near.
  • Relic Racer (Bronze) – Cleared a Time Attack stage – Beat the game and unlock Time Attack, then complete one stage.
  • Gladiator (Bronze) – Cleared a Coliseum Attack stage – Beat the game and unlock Coliseum Attack, then complete one stage.
  • Smaller is Better (Bronze) – Defeated 10 enemies as small Knack – This is pretty easy on Normal or Easy difficulty. Use R1 to shrink to small Knack and beat just 10 enemies this way.
  • Novice Hero Knack (Silver) – Cleared all chapters on the Easy difficulty level or higher – Self explanatory
  • Hero Knack (Gold) – Cleared all chapters on the Normal difficulty level or higher – Self explanatory
  • It’s a Knackout (Gold) – Cleared all chapters on the Hard difficulty level or higher – Self explanatory
  • Halfway There (Silver) – Acquired 50 Knack medals – Remember you can check the world map at the main menu and see Knack medal requirements. It may take a while but choose some to work toward until you get the trophy.
  • The Doctor’s Disciple (Silver) – Acquired all gadgets – If you don’t find enough chests to get all gadgets in one playthrough, you can start a New Game + which will let you retain all items and gadgets and let you open chests again.
  • Super Move Master (Silver) – Learned all super moves – There are three super moves to be learned in the game, and they’re all pretty simple to find. Just keep an eye out for the same kinds of passages as treasure chests, and make sure to explore every corner.
  • Incredible Power! (Silver) – Learned all basic power-up skills – Across one playthrough of the game you should have enough experience to learn all basic moves on your upgrade tree. If not, just start a New Game +.
  • Sucker for Punishment (Silver) – Cleared one chapter on the Very Hard difficulty level – With the chapter selection on the world map it’s best to choose one of the early levels to play on Very Hard, as they’ll be easier to complete.
  • You’ve Got the Knack (Gold) – Once again just check the world map and see the requirements for Knack Medals. This is probably the trophy that will take you longest to complete.
  • Speed Demon (Silver) – Achieved 5 stars in every Time Attack – The best way to do this is completely unlock all of your abilities, all gadgets, and a Crystal Knack or two, then play the Time Attack. This will give you a big advantage and help you get that 5 star rating, although you may need to play it a few times.
  • King of the Coliseum (Silver) – Achieved 5 stars in every Coliseum Attack – The same as Time Attack, you’ll probably want everything unlocked before you try and get this trophy.

More About Knack 2

Knack 2 is the sequel to the PS4 launch title created by Mark Cerny, of Crash Bandicoot and Spyro fame. In addition to a brand new story, the game features a number of improvements with upgraded combat, a new graphical engine, and expanded co-op features.

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