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Knack 2: How Long It Is and How Many Chapters There Are


Knack 2: How Long It Is and How Many Chapters There Are

How Long Is Knack 2?

Knack 2 brings the size shifting hero back onto PlayStation 4 for another adventure, filled with plenty of battles and platforming. The first game had pretty good run time, so you’ll probably be curious to see what you can expect from the sequel, especially considering the $39.99 price point.

The good news is that Knack 2 is pretty comparable in length to the original game. There are 15 chapters in total in the game, each of which are broken down into various numbers of sub-chapters. In total, the game should take you roughly 10-11 hours to complete. This time can vary depending on which difficulty you play through, and if you’re interested in finding every single hidden chest. Playing through on harder difficulties can lead to more deaths and retries, extending your time. For our playthrough we went through the game on Hard, getting most of the hidden chests in each level. Once you beat the game, there are also a number of Knack challenges to undertake for medals and trophies, on top of Time and Coliseum Attacks. So there’s plenty of content to dive into with Knack 2, probably even more so than with the original.

Knack 2 is now available, exclusively for PlayStation 4.

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